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To improve delivery of assessment & evaluation services to its stakeholders, the government, education institutes are actively embracing the usage of IT.

ExamBricks Overview

To improve delivery of assessment & evaluation services to its stakeholders, the government, education institutes are actively embracing the usage of IT. The use of the three key technologies cloud computing, mobility and analytics hold the potential to create the far reaching improvement that assessment & evaluation demands. ExamBricks product transforms the functioning of assessment & evaluation that education institutions or corporate bodies demand in following four areas.

  • Employability & internal corporate assessments through ExamBricks CBT & OMR components.
  • K-12 & Higher Education institutes admission test through ExamBricks CBT & OMR components.
  • K-12 students Mock & Practice assessments through ExamBricks CBT & OMR components.
  • Higher education institutes Digital evaluation through ExamBricks e-Evaluation components.

Our Modules

Edusols has different ERP modules catering to Schools, Higher Education Universities and Technical Institutes. There are also modules for admin functions like HR, Store & Inventory, etc. These modules can be cohesively used together or the client can select single or multiple modules as per their requirement. The modules are:

ExamBricks e-Evaluation

ExamBricks eEvaluation is a computerized evaluation platform for all kind of subjective examinations that lie at the core of measuring the success of teaching & learning processes. This component handles the issues of the large volume paper scripts With ExamBricks e-Evaluation on-screen marking solution, institutes can digitize paper answer scripts and mark them on-screen to improve the quality and speed of marking.

ExamBricks- Admission & Mock Assessor

ExamBricks admission & mock assessor is a scientifically designed end-to-end (CBT)/OMR based platform for talent assessment for K-12 & higher education students. This platform comes with question banks, practice paper, mock tests for most of K12 examinations starting from Std VI to XII. Students can also get a feeling of actual entrance test at our various exam centers in pan India level using this platform.

ExamBricks- Recruitment Assessor

ExamBricks recruitment Assessor is a scientifically designed end-to-end corporate assessment & employability solution for skill evaluation & recruitment through competency based assessment platform. This assessment platform can be accessed anywhere, anytime and on any device. This platform comes with thousands of preloaded question banks and answer sheet


  • OMR Platform Features

    • Create Test for single or multiple subjects
    • Manual/random selection of questions
    • Visualize the test before publishing
    • Notification (SMS/email) regarding test schedule & results
    • Scanning of OMR sheet
    • Real time view of results and analysis
  • e-Evaluation Platform Features

    • Examination Planner- Map examinations , subjects , students , subjects
    • Double encoding of answer sheets
    • Scan answer scripts within the institution’s premises
    • Encrypt transfer of electronic scripts
    • Provide access to examiners in secure mode
  • CBT Platform Features

    • Examination shall be computer based with the questions being provided onscreen on a random basis, without any manual intervention.
    • Preparation of multiple-choice type question papers with the level of difficulty as mentioned by the customers.
    • Able to set full marks for correct answer or –ve mark for wrong answers.
    • Random/Manual selection of questions for a test.
    • Random questions will be picked up from question bank to ensure that no two candidates sitting beside receive same questions at a particular time.
    • Can create question sets from a group of questions.
    • Able to upload prospective candidates for a test
    • Manage the test/exam in easy steps
    • Create test for single/multiple subjects
    • Manage your own questions
    • Provide options to check answers scripts by students