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To improve delivery of Learning & Knowledge Management services to its stakeholders; the government and education institutes are actively embracing the use of IT. The use of three key technologies Cloud Computing, Mobility and Analytics hold the potential to create far reaching improvements that education demands. LearningBricks solution transforms the functioning of education institutions or corporate bodies into the following three areas.

LearningBricks Overview

  • Study, Practice and Share platform for K-12 students through standard referenced digital study materials in addition to have your own contents
  • Study, Practice, Share platform for higher education students with your own contents
  • Corporate digital library or knowledge management system to keep track of its digital contents.
LearningBricks Overview

Our Modules

Edusols has different ERP modules catering to Schools, Higher Education Universities and Technical Institutes. There are also modules for admin functions like HR, Store & Inventory, etc. These modules can be cohesively used together or the client can select single or multiple modules as per their requirement. The modules are:

Assessment Management (through ExamBricks)

Assessment Management (through ExamBricks) includes all the processes associated with evaluating learning progress starting from the creation of question banks to the question papers for the conduct of examinations and evaluation of answer scripts.

Learning Content Integration

Learning Content Integration covers all the non-textbook or standard off-the-shelf learning content. This content includes worksheets, practice assignments, projects, digital documents, corporate videos, etc.

Learning Delivery Management (optional)

Learning Delivery Management (optional) covers the conduct of the e-Learning classes including management of submissions, tracking of attendance/participation etc.

Leaning Course/Document Management

covers learning planning, scheduling of facilities and tracking of the course delivery, including reader participation.


  • Centralized and secure content storage.
  • Management of content updates and rights.
  • Any place, any time learning.
  • Reader Performance Visibility.
  • Reader performance insights.
  • Mentor services.
  • Targeted interventions.
  • Offline/online access to the content on devices wherever applicable.
  • Notification (SMS/email)
  • Notification (SMS/email)
  • Real time view of learning progress& analysis
  • LearningBricks As Smart Class Room

    • Can be installed as Smart Class room
    • LearningBricks either with a SmartTV + Speaker or a Projector + Speaker works as LMS platform.
    • Come with a cloud or local server or desktop or minicomputer or tablet.
    • LearningBricks as SmartClass room works as the most cost effective solution
  • Offerings& Differentiator

    • Its cloud-based implementation lets you use the LearningBricks solution in two weeks’ time.
    • This can work as a smart class room solution with additional hardware.
    • It comes as a B2C bundle solutions for K12 students as integrated as learning and 100’s of mock examinations.
    • Our learning solution is being used in organisations like CTTC(Bhubaneswar), SIT(Bhubaneswar), FBS(Bhubaneswar) and etc
    • LearningBricks can work as a digital library for an organization/institute with minor customization.
    • LearningBricks can also work as a Knowledge management system for any institute/organization.